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Back Scratcher plus neck massager

The Back Scratcher - plus neck massager is for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer. There are chrome plated spikes that easily glide over the top of your shirt to zap that itch.  The velcro patch is for bare skin, but be sure to use caution due to how sensitive your skin may be.  The long handle is  made out of soft foam rubber, and it can be used like a rolling pin on the back and sides of your neck - feels awesome!  The wooden ball on the end is for major kinks in your neck, or you can use it to give back massages. 

Recommendations - the best way to get to an itch is over the top of your shoulder or from your lower side if you have an itch down low. When you locate the itch, use the chrome-spiked end in small circular motions over the top of your shirt. The velcro patch is best used for tough skin areas on bare skin, not over your shirt - due to the fact that the hooks will snag into your shirt. The back scratcher may also be used as a fidgit item, or air guitar and karaoke microphone.

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